Peder Schweigert | General Manager

Passionate about the creation and growing of food from early childhood, Peder attended The French Culinary Institute in New York City. There he had the opportunity to study under legends and innovators such as Jacques Pépin, André Soltner, Alain Sailhac, Harold McGee, Nils Norén, and Dave Arnold. Upon completion, Peder became a culinary producer on Top Chef Season 5. He then worked in the rigorous kitchen environment at Alinea Restaurant in Chicago while it was climbing towards the peak of its influence.

Realizing his desire to be back in the long, cold Minnesota winters with his family, Peder joined the burgeoning food scene in the Twin Cities with stints at Clancey’s Meat and Fish, Town Talk Diner, and Heartland Restaurant prior to joining the opening team at Marvel Bar. In 2010, he won Iron Bartender with Adam Harness after less than a year working with spirits. Peder currently serves as Marvel’s General Manager and in his spare time enjoys maple syruping, harvesting wild rice, hunting, foraging, gardening, and fishing with friends and family.

Matthew Voss | Head Bartender

Matthew Voss is a native Minnesotan. He began his mixing career, like many bartenders, at his neighborhood cafe. He was first introduced to the Twin Cities cocktail scene at Longfellow Grill where he was exposed to some of the city’s most inspiring bartenders, Dan Oskey and Birk Grudem. In 2007, he opened Café Maude where he was influenced by Johnny Michaels. During that time, he was also spending winters in Breckenridge, CO, but as he began to develop an understanding of how unique the Twin Cities food and drink scene was, he wanted to be a larger piece of the puzzle.

In 2009, Matthew had the pleasure of being mentored by Pip Hanson while at Café Maude. There he studied the art of Japanese cocktail technique and mastered the classics. Matthew was a part of the opening team of Marvel Bar and is currently the head bartender.